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Unique Exports

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About Us
Unique Exports is a government recognised export house dedicated to manufacturing and exports of high quality imitation jewellery and other related fashion accessories.

Our Story
Having incredibly humble beginnings, originating from a small village in gujrat, india, we first set foot in mumbai in the early 1970’s. knowing nothing but a little about how businesses run, Mr.Rajesh Modi first took upon learning the intricacies of the business by manufacturing for the local jewellery market in mumbai starting in the year 1990.

Understanding the functioning and with the knowledge gained over the years, Mr.Modi set out to tap the huge potential of the international market by starting an export company of his own. thus, Unique Exports came into existance in the year 1993.

Over the years, Unique Exports has become a prominent supplier of imitation jewellery with a name synonymous with providing high quality goods. we supply goods in over 10 countries and have grown leaps and bounds in the last decade. we are a government recognised export house and this has only been possible because of our customer centric approach believing in giving the highest customer satisfaction upn receipt of the consignment.

Our Vision
The traditional costume jewellery has been the desire to adorn oneself. the indian costume jewellery at Unique Exports™ speaks volubly of the unmatched calibre of the artisans and their ability to generate some of the finest designs. indian jewellery has not remained just a craft, but evolved into an art - both in design and workmanship, the value of which will almost always accentuate, never depreciate.

At Unique Exports, we aimto keep you updated with the latest in the market, offering you the best and intricate designs that keep you distinguished. needless to say, we do not compromise on quality. each of our costume jewellery products is carefully crafted and undergoes quality check to ensure that you are served with only the very best costume jewellery.

We at Unique Exports see ourselves being the most distinguished name in the imitation jewellery business in india.